Fostering injustice


Hashim Abro

For a vast majority of people in this society of ours, lamentably, the prime objective of life is eating and drinking, not righteousness, peace and collective happiness. The psychology of this sort of people is not to improve the whole of human existence. They do not rebuild or repair the worst in the society, the State and in their respective organizations. This sort of people, if they are in power and position, they foster injustice and organized corruption in the society and in the relevant organizations. Indeed, the vast majority of people, also need examples, role models and guidance on how to live a meaningful and joyful life, shun injustice and discrimination and let people live like human fellows in the society. Albert Camus once said, “Why one should not commit suicide?” A society like ours where injustice in all its forms and manifestations thrives, there victims, helpless or sourceless, are left with no option but to commit suicides or take law into their own hands. Let us, therefore, make every effort to do what leads to justice, peace and prosperity in this society.