Fossil fuel & UN climate negotiations


Iffat Bukhari

Fossil Fuel is a harmful but deep rooted Industry in our economy. Climate activists and researchers emphasizing that as the fossil fuel industry is polluting the atmosphere and leaving an irreparable damage (by emission of carbon gases) to our environment hence transition from fossil fuel to clean energy resources is indispensible. It is not only the consumption of fossil fuel that is leaving adverse affects, the processes (drilling and mining) by which the fossil fuel are dig out, equally alarming for mankind. The silence of the tycoons of fossil fuel companies is itself criminal in this whole scenario.
The investors and shareholders of the fossil fuel companies are utilizing their money in lobbying against the facts and trying to mobilize the opinion in their favour. They have always been the part of the UN Climate change conferences, meetings and negotiations. This is the time to ban the participation of the representatives of fossil fuel companies in the upcoming COP (Conference of Parties) in Marrakech next month; just as the tobacco industry was banned by participating in the meetings of WHO (World Health Organization). Every organization always takes in to consideration “conflict of interest” while recruiting their staff.
It is really surprising that how we overlook the phenomena “conflict of interest” while having discussions to reach on some sort of agreement regarding such a significant matter i.e. “fossil fuel free environment”. Government of the Sweden has set one of the superb examples by aiming to be one of the world’s first fossil free countries. Pakistan can adapt and implement the same strategy to phase out from fossil fuel. It is not only our responsibility in terms of tackling the challenge of climate change as well as it is mandatory in breaking the shackles of energy crisis prevailing in our country.

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