Sana Samad

In Pakistan, several young girls/women are forced into wed-lock against their consent. Pakistan is a Muslim country, and Islam gives full rights to girls to marry as per their own choice, still we fail to follow Islam, and injustice against women is continuing. Constitution of Pakistan prohibits under-age marriages. No boy under 18 and no girl under 16 are allowed to marry. Unfortunately, the laws are only enacted, but no one is willing to act upon these laws which can protect women and young girls. During the period 1999-2009, more than 950 cases of forced marriages were reported, and in recent years the conditions are getting deteriorated day by day. The saddening news is that a five year-old girl was married in Mardan, and the local police was unable to register a case against the accused, and they were left free. I would like to request the concerned authorities to introduce laws against forced marriages, and ensure full safety of young and small girls.
—Turbat, Balochistan