Fire at Awami Markaz


According to the news report Awami Markaz building in the Red Zone, Islamabad, caught fire. Offices of the Federal Tax Ombudsman & IT were gutted and the official record was destroyed. Two young men died and another received serious injuries. According to the sources the ground floor offices caught fire due to short circuiting which spread to the 4th floor. The fire was extinguished but later flared up due to strong winds blowing in the capital. The fire brigade, air force, and navy officials took part in this herculean task. An office of CPEC was located in the Markaz. The record of this office has been burnt down. It has been also reported that unidentified persons were throwing the papers in the fire. Who were those persons and what were they doing there? It is suspected the fire was lit by some human agency. I think the fire was deliberately ignited. Someone wanted to destroy the records, though the Information Ministry has denied such reports. I would appeal to the concerned authorities to hold a thorough inquiry and find out the causes. Because it seems the authorities are trying to cover up the irregularities and corruption in the developmental projects.

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