Federal Ministers drink polluted water


MAKING up a significant fraction of human body, water is the most essential element next to air to human survival so its purity also matters but not in Pakistan where even the residents of the capital are forced to drink polluted and contaminated water due to the negligence of authorities concerned.
According to a recent report by Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources – the premier research institute in the country – majority of the water filtration plants in the capital are either closed down or supplying contaminated water. If one visits these plants, one finds missing taps, rusty pipes, broken tiles and garbage littering around. For a filtration plant to work, it is necessary to change its filters every two months but in the Federal capital these filters are hardly changed once these are installed. In fact, these water related complaints are not new rather those purchasing the so called mineral water are not sure about the purity and quality of the bottled water. The latest startling news, however, is that those running the affairs of the government are themselves deprived of the clean drinking water. Water samples collected from Ministers’ areas and some other posh sectors of the capital revealed that they are also exposed to hygienically unfit water. This should serve as an eye opener and wake up call for those who matter the most to rectify this alarming situation. If the safe and clean drinking water is not available to the residents of the capital, one can easily imagine the prevailing conditions in the far flung areas of the country where mostly people and the animals drink water from the same place. Due to the use of polluted water, most of the people in these areas as well as cities are faced with many water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, worm infections, typhoid, hepatitis etc. We hope that the authorities concerned will feel the responsibility to address this chaotic situation which affects the very health of all and sundry. Capital Development Authority and the newly elected Mayor of the capital should take a lead in this regard and set a role model for the whole of the country by taking all necessary measures towards provision of safe drinking water to the residents.