FBR’s MCC realizes increase of 27,792m revenues


Karachi—Federal Revenue Board’s Model Customs Collectorate has realized an increase of Rs 27,792 million from Custom Duty, Sales Tax, Federal Excise Duty, Withholding Tax and Petroleum products surcharge during the current fiscal year (July 15- Jan 16). In current fiscal year the Model Customs Collectorate (Preventive) collected Rs 16923.73 mln customs duty from July-15 to January 2016, an increase of 128.60.The custom duty collected in previous fiscal year was Rs 8077.25 mln.
In the same way sales tax collection also increased in the current fiscal year as compared to previous year Rs 51608.34 mln were collected during the current fiscal year while in previous year Rs 45335.93 were received in respect of sales tax- an increase of 102.16.—APP