Farooq calls world focus on Indian brutalities in IoK


Mirpur (Ajk)

AJ&K Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan Saturday called upon the international community to take serious notice of Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and play its role for the resolution of Kashmir issue to avoid any human catastrophe in the region.
Addressing Pakistani and Kashmiri Diaspora in Dubai late Saturday, the AJK Prime Minister highly appreciated the role of overseas Kashmiris promoting Kashmir issue and also sending valuable remittances to homeland. He expressed his hope that the world would awake now and play its role after unprecedented sacrifices of the Kashmiri people.
“The aggressor feels free to continue violating human rights and perpetrate atrocities because the international conscience is silent.
But I hope that it will awake following an unprecedented movement by the Kashmiri people,” the Prime Minister said.
“When people from all walks of life of any nation rise against occupation, like those of Kashmiris, no power can deprive them of their freedom and I hope the freedom is not much far from the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he added.
He said it was an honour for him to come on the land of hardworking community having tremendous role in stabilising Pak economy.
He said overseas Kashmiris had played wonderful role highlighting the Kashmir Issue and Indian atrocities.
“The people of Kashmir are facing Indian tanks with stones, elders are witnessing deaths of their children, mothers are mourning the bloodshed of their sons and women are facing molestation,” Farooq Haider said and saluted the Kashmiri people for their unprecedented sacrifices.
He said the blood of young Burhan Wani had taken the freedom struggle into a new phase where, the international conscience could no more remain indifferent.
Prime Minister Haider viewed that when the freedom movements reach such a stage to awake the conscience of even occupational forces, the country claiming to be the world’s biggest democracy yet lacked this sense.—APP