EU must respect Pak laws


European Parliament has recently passed a resolution against the execution of convicted persons in Pakistan. It is not the first time that the EU has expressed its concerns on the matter. It was also highly concerned when the country had lifted moratorium on death back in 2014 without realising that the move was primarily aimed at executing hardcore criminals and terrorists who have no regard for human life.
Though India is being seen as the instigator behind the latest EU resolution to get stopped the hanging of its spy Kulbushan Yadav, yet we believe the EU countries while respecting the laws of other countries need to understand under which circumstances Pakistan restored the death penalty. A couple of years back, Pakistan was facing worst form of terrorist acts claiming lives of innocent people. There was a general demand from different segments of the society that arrested terrorists should be given exemplary punishment in order to check the menace. The execution of these terrorists after due process of law as well as successful anti-terror operations indeed have helped bringing down terrorist acts to a great extent. In fact the executions were part of Pakistan’s anti terror strategy. Whilst some countries never get tired of repeating the mantra of ‘Pakistan should do more against terror’ but when it evolves and pursues a strategy towards that end, fingers are pointed on that as well. We believe the EU should not raise any questions on law of the land, which also has the full backing of the judiciary as the Supreme Court had dismissed a case challenging the death penalty. We believe Pakistan should properly brief the EU ambassadors on the matter that is not contradictory to any of the international conventions signed by the country.