Erdogan celebrates referendum win, rivals urge recount


ISTANBUL: President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on Monday commending a tight win in a choice giving him clearing new powers that uncovered intense divisions in Turkey and left enraged adversaries requesting a noteworthy describe.

The submission was viewed as vital not only to shape the political arrangement of Turkey additionally the future key course of a country that has been a NATO part since 1952 and an EU confident for a large portion of a century.

The outcome could likewise have even more extensive ramifications for Turkey which joined NATO in 1952 and for the last half-century has set its sights on joining the European Union.

The “Yes” crusade won 51.4 percent of the vote against 48.6 percent for ‘No’, the decision commission said in figures cited by state news office Anadolu, in a tally in light of 99.5 percent of the voting booths. Turnout was a high 85 percent.

As tremendous hordes of banner waving supporters celebrated in the city, Erdogan applauded Turkey for taking a “noteworthy choice”.

“With the general population, we have understood the most essential change in our history,” he included.

Be that as it may, restriction supporters in hostile to Erdogan regions of Istanbul demonstrated their disappointment by bashing pots and dish with kitchen utensils to make a boisterous challenge. Hundreds likewise rioted in the zones of Besiktas and Kadikoy.

Incomparable Election Board boss Sadi Guven affirmed that the “Yes” camp had developed triumphant, however the restriction has pledged to challenge the result.

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