Enthusiasm starts with appreciating others..!


A man had died and the whole city mourned his death. At a club everybody discussed his life and also reminded each other of one characteristic or other that had made the departed one loved by his friends.
Finally a man whose name is famous spoke. “Nature did not mean to let him be a big man,” he said quietly. “His mind was neither very original nor very profound, yet he managed to build a great institution and influence tens of thousands of lives!” “Then how was he so successful?” asked the others in the room.
“It is simple,” was the reply, “He merely forgot himself. When he spoke his imperfections were lost in his enthusiasm. When he organized, fire of his faith burned away all obstacles. He abandoned himself utterly to his task. He let enthusiasm do all work and enthusiasm worked well, very well for him!”
There are many of us, like that man. Many who are so filled with excitement and passion that any task given to them is made a success. On the other hand there are those who have good knowledge have picked up MBA’s and other degrees but cannot put their learning to work because they cannot motivate others. I get dozens of letters everyday from readers and it motivates me to write better, but once in a way I get a harsh letter, an angry letter, and I know from that letter, what a bitter fellow the writer is, and how much he needs to appreciate others before enthusiasm comes into his life!
But enthusiasm can be cultivated. At first, you must consciously put your eyes, your voice, your spirit – in a word yourself into your appreciation of people and events and things. Do this around your home, at your work and in your social contacts and you will be surprised how quickly it will become second nature.
You will find yourself living in a more gracious and enthusiastic world, for your enthusiasm will be reflected back to you from the people to whom you give it! Unfortunately, most of our time is spent in doing the opposite. We hear a wonderful singer on stage and instead of appreciating her voice we comment on the shape of her nose, the funny dance steps she takes and her terrible dress sense.
Concentrate on appreciation and your enthusiasm will be reflected back to you!” It’s worth the effort, for, as Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Every great and commanding movement in the world is the triumph of enthusiasm.” Every day is best. Write it on your heart that every day is best day of the year…!
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