Ensuring safety of women


The existing rape laws are weak. This is why we have not been able to lower the number of cases of sexual assault on women. The investig ation procedure is also such that victims are deterred from registering the cases. Perhaps the most uncomfortable part of the investigation is the identification parade. The survivor often finds it difficult to identify the accused after the horrible experience she had undergone. The law should be such that it upholds the dignity of women while giving rapists the exemplary punishment. At the same time, all of us, not just women, should be extra careful while travelling in auto rickshaws or taxis, especially when alone. We must be alert to danger. If the driver suddenly stops his vehicle in a deserted stretch, we should get out immediately and stand somewhere where we are visible to the passers-by. Also, we must have an emergency contact number saved in our phones in such a way that we can dial it fast. Women and young girls are advised to let their families know if they are travelling in a lonely area.
Mumbai, India

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