Ensure justice to Waqar Bhutto


Asfand Bhutto

The Sindh Police has once again shown the extreme level of callousness, depravity and unscrupulousness by promoting the half and full fry culture illegitimately, imprisoning the innocents unjustly, torturing the people violently, harassing the poor persistently, accusing the indigenous allegedly and encountering the innocents and downtrodden masses abundantly. The inhabitant of Sukkur, Waqar Ali Bhutto, an engineer and employee of National Highway Authority, went missing when he was returning to his home from Multan after his job a few days ago. After passing a couple of hours the news of Waqar’s encounter by the atrocious police personnel spread like a wild fire and his grieved and bereaved family found his tortured and bullet-riddled dead body near Pano Aqil.
This incident depicts the incompetency and inadequacy of the police department that has totally become tedious, tortuous and painful. Instead of safeguarding the people’s lives and properties, the Police is now creating a nerve-racking situation in which the public has fallen the prey to excruciating torment. I, as an insecure citizen of this country, urge the Chief Justice of Pakistan to order an independent inquiry of extra-judicial killing by the Police on the murder of Waqar Ali Bhutto, in order to bring in an equitable justice to the bereaved family.