Empowering people through lawlessness..!


IT’S long past 11 pm in the night. Just behind my home in Andheri, Mumbai, a loudspeaker blasts exceeding loud music at a decibel level that is far above any prescribed limit. It is one hour after the legal time that loudspeakers have to be put off.
I have called the police twice, but nothing has happened. The last time despite calling the police the loudspeakers went on till 12 in the night. Two years ago, if this had happened and I’d called the police, the police would have been there in fifteen minutes and stopped the sound. Today it’s no use.
Today, to get the poor on their side, the ruling party has decided to allow people to break as many rules as possible so that they feel empowered. Today, in a city like Mumbai, motor cyclists ride on pavements, while police watch. I see men and women being threatened and manhandled while the police watch.
The police have been told by the local politician not to interfere with their vote bank and so the police have stopped interfering. To get votes, laws are being broken.
While we have a man with a white beard ranting and raving against corruption, a new corruption of law breaking and lawlessness is taking over our country. I know what will happen if I ring the police now. The officer in the MIDC police station will dutifully listen to me, take down my complaint, even give me a complaint number, assure me that the loud noise which is keeping so many people awake in the neighbourhood will be stopped, and then nothing will happen.
That’s the state of the country now: An India which is becoming a lawbreaking, law violating country. A country where the bully has power. A country where the louder the voice, the more power it exerts.
It’s nearly 12 o clock, midnight, the loudspeaker outside continues its sound. It isn’t even music, it is loud garish sound, and the idea behind it is to tell the people all around that nobody can touch them, the police cannot, nobody can, because they have the power and the right connections.
That Mr Modi is what is happening to India. A country which is slowly yet surely becoming an area of darkness as laws are broken and the police sleep. Doctors are bashed. Airline staff are thrashed. Women are raped.
I wish I could record the noise, the time, and send it to the prime minister. What’s the use, I am sure, he will wink at his people and whisper, our plan is working, by allowing people to break rules, we are empowering them. But lawlessness when allowed to fester, when channelized for own selfish ends, ultimately ruin a country..!
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