Educational facilities


M Z Rifat

It is indeed good to note that besides providing jobs in government departments and in the private sector establishments as well, the Punjab Government has taken a number of measures to facilitate the persons with various disabilities for getting education in the colleges and universities for graduation and masters in the subjects of their choice. Little more than 600 highly-educated persons suffering from disabilities have got employs in the colleges and universities all over the province.
As for facilities for seeking higher education by disabled persons are concerned, there is no age limit for taking admission in any educational institution all over the province, all educational charges including tuition fee, hostel fee and utility charges on admission in the public sector universities and colleges have been waived off and on admission in public sector university disabled persons are awarded lap tops as incentive and also provided wheel chairs on passing out from the university. Not only this, one seat is reserved for persons with disabilities in educational institutions for higher qualifications i.e. M.Phil and Ph.D. If any disabled person desires to sit in the Central Superior Services competitive examination, he is allowed a helper to sit with him.
These are only some of the appreciable and commendable measures which the Punjab Government has taken for facilitating the disabled persons in seeking higher level education even. Government e departments and private sector institutions are requested to highlight the disabled persons including visually impaired persons if they are holding some important job or achieve good results in the examinations. This will encourage the philanthropists also to come forward and help the disable persos who are keen to seek higher education in any educational institution of the province. People at large are also requested to advise and help the disabled persons who are seen begging on roads and in crossings to get education and qualify for some government or private job and thus be able to lead respectable life. This is our individual as well as collective social and moral obligation, please.