Education under threat


Hamid Ali NB

Education plays an important role for development of a nation. Education can be used to change the world. But it is sad to say that in Pakistan education is currently under terror threat. The incidents of Army Public School, and Bacha Khan University, Peshawar, can be presented as an example.
It is sad to say that educational institutions in Baluchistan feel uncomfortable as they have been constantly receiving threats from some unknown elements. Recently, a time bomb was discovered in Atta Shad Girls Degree College and the Principal received threats twice. In Turbat, many of the school going girls and boys are terrified on way to their schools. I think, Baluchistan is facing Syria-like situation these days. I, being a student, request the government, both Federal and Provincial, to kindly take steps so that we continue our education without any fear.
—Turbat, Singanisar