Economic and financial crisis


Rida Abrar

In recent years, we have witnessed the transition of Pakistan from an economically instable country to one of the emerging economies of the world. Though this is a positive sign, yet there are many issues that threaten the future development of Pakistan, one of which is the rising unemployment. Despite reasonable development in recent times, the country has failed to create jobs for the people. Economically this has been a major issue for Pakistan as many of the fresh and brilliant minds are being forced to migrate to other countries in search of a better future.
The problem of unemployment has been a major cause for the poverty of Pakistan. People due to poverty have been forced to get involved in illegal practices and hence the crime rate is increasing day by day. The Government must take steps to resolve this issue. They must create better jobs for qualified people and must improve the educational standards to produce better employees in market. Furthermore, both the agricultural and industrial sectors must be developed and expanded as these two sectors can create numerous jobs for less qualified people as well.