Don’t forget the cake..!

MY mother is gone a few years now, but I remember this piece I wrote for her birthday, after my dad had passed away: Today, my mother’s birthday, Somewhere in San Francisco, she will get up and I know that there will be no joy on her face. She will look at the empty space that is next to her.
A space that was filled for four decades and more by one that loved her most. In her heart she will cry for the birthday greetings that always came from him. Even a song sometimes. “Happy Birthday Tweet,” he would say and give her a hug and an embrace that said it all.
Today she will not see him. But I know he is there. Smiling, knowing that he is with her by her side. Although she sees him not. There are laugh lines around his eyes as he looks at the face of his wife of so many struggles and storms, of joys and despairs and memories that only the twain can remember. And with his body-less form he will hold her and hug her and tell her that there are no need for tears.
No, there is no need for tears. To all of you who have lost a beloved and who feel the loneliness and pain on your birthdays. Smile. That man you loved, that woman you cherished, stands there beside you. Smiling with you. Holding you up and telling you that there is no reason to be sad.
Its your birthday mother. Enjoy it. You cherished and looked after the man in your life and after him the men in your life, your sons. You fought tooth and nail to see that the talents you discovered they had, whether it was art, or music or writing, blossomed.
The art that came from your beloved’s brush, flowed because he knew you were there, encouraging him with your relentless perseverance to see that the right people saw his paintings and bought his ideas.
The music that came from the hand of your youngest, were notes that you pushed him to form and a talent that you saw and nurtured in him. The pen that I wield now flows joyously across paper because of articles written in childhood, typed by you and sent to junior magazines and also with meetings with your friends who needed scripts. And today as you rise from your bed so far away and look at the empty space beside you, know and understand that our thanks and gratitude to you as a mother and wife is something beyond words.
To all you mothers and fathers who get up lonely on your birthdays and wonder why God is so needlessly keeping you alive, look around and if in the distance you see a child of yours achieving, if in the distance you see sons and daughters with character then go ye outside and buy yourself a cake and when the baker stands with icing poised and asks whose name to put on the cake. Tell him with a smile to write “Happy Birthday To Me”.
Yes mother miles separate your sons and you, and time separates you and your beloved, but today we three raise our voices in unison to wish you a glorious, and joyful Birthday. And don’t forget the cake….
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