Domestic violence as a joke?


This year we’ve been enjoying the Kenwood ad series featuring Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui and Ayesha Khan, the series after Ufone advertisements were my personal favourite until the latest leaked video clip of the ad on social media.—59. The ad shows a character enjoying in the living room with his friends angry about a recent fight he’d had with his wife. Up till here it was alright; trouble came when he went to brag about how his wife showed him attitude so he gave her a “dhulayi” slang term for beating.
We live in an age where our kids are glued to the screens of television and computers if such content started showing around what would they learn? Beating up women and domestic violence is not a joke and many people pointed that out Kenwood in return issued an apology stating that they were at fault and they failed to consider it in this light. Well we hope this comes as a lesson and content as such is not displayed.
Muhammad Dabeer Ali