Dogs will keep fans at bay during first ODI against England


Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


There will be 23 dogs at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune to guard the first ODI (One Day International) match between India and England on Sunday.This was revealed by Kishor Nawar, the partner of Third Eye Security firm, which has been assigned to look after both teams.
This will be the second international match being guarded by the dogs in Pune.
“We have been providing dog security at this venue in IPL matches and earlier this year the T-20 match between India and Sri Lanka was the first such instance in India where dogs in large numbers guarded the entire match”, Nawar, speaking exclusively over his mobile, said.
“In Germany and in some other countries,the services of dogs are commonly hired for football matches. The dogs are highly trained and prevent spectators from entering the ground”.
“Because of fear the spectators never try to go there but if any spectator crosses the fence, the dog will immediately chase him. The dogs will attack and catch hold of him. The dogs are properly trained and they don’t bite but only bark”.
The security agency will hold a meeting with the security expert of the visiting team on Saturday.
The dogs are also being kept ready when the teams are having their net practices.
“The dogs with the trainers have been guarding the stadium and we are hopeful of fool-proof security for the match”, Nawar signed off.