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Six killed in US drone attack

Tariq Saeed

Saturday, January 08, 2011 - Peshawar—A fresh missiles attack by the American planes in North Waziristan agency on Friday left up to six more people dead. The officials, as usual, claimed those killed were the suspected militants while the locals said the victims were the ordinary tribesman.

The predator planes or the US CIA operated drones, as the reports reaching here from Miran Shah the head quarters of North Waziristan agency (NWA) said a vehicle in Ghar Laley village in Datta Khel Tehsil some 35 kilometers west of Miran shah with hell fire missiles in the afternoon destroying the target where in as many as four people were killed.

The security personals claimed the vehicle was used by the alleged terrorists and the compound too belonged to the militants.

“The fresh missiles strikes killed four suspected rebels in Ghar Laley village, 322 miles from Miran shah, the main town in North Waziristan, and close to the Afghan border”. A security official said adding the US drones fired four missiles, targeting a vehicle and a house.

The American planes , as the reports say, again targeted a motorcycle killing two more people. “The drones this time targeted a motorbike of the two fleeing foreign militants killing both on the spot”. Officials claimed, yet the independent sources did not confirm if those killed were the fugitives.

The residents of the area on the other hand, however, said the hell fire missiles, may be more then four in number, targeted a vehicle of a local tribesman killing few people while a couple more killed in a bike nearby. They further said the drones kept hovering over the skies for quite some time creating panic and harassment among the residents.

While the locals hesitated to get closer to the site of the attack apprehending another missiles hit, a source said five dead bodies were retrieved from the rubbles and there was every likely hood that more people were still buried under the debris. The notorious drones or the CIA operated pilot-less planes, which have been on the killing spree in Pakistani northern belt since August 2008, it may be recalled have so for killed almost 1400 people in over 250 attacks with big majority being conducted in North and South Waziristan agencies while in the recent months the drones, encouraged by the mild reaction from those at the helm of affair in Islamabad, struck twice even on Khyber agency bordering provincial metropolis Peshawar.
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