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Appeal for financial assistance


Thursday, January 16, 2014 - My father, Daud Khan is a former employee of Airport Security Force (ASF). During his service, he developed Hepatitis disease and was medically boarded out by the department in 2011. He received a meagre gratuity of Rs. 300,000/- from the department, which was spent on his very costly treatment in Peshawar and Bannu hospitals. Recently his condition became very serious and was perforce shifted to Bannu headquarters hospital for medical check-up.

According to the medical report, he (my father) has got Liver Cirrhosis, which means that his liver has been permanently damaged and he needs to be transplanted as soon as possible.

Being the elder son of my parents I do not know how to transplant his liver and where from resources are to be collected for this costlier treatment. I am deeply worried about the health of my father as due to acute financial position I am at a loss to provide sufficient medicines to him. Is there any one God fearing enough to help me in saving life of my beloved father from the deadliest disease? Or will the ASF and its authorities come forward to take over the burden of old-age ailment of one of its employees who served it during his hey-days?

—Lakki Marwat
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