Sindh fest or a Sindh card

Salar Lateef

Thursday, December 19, 2013 - This is with reference to the news stories, published in various newspapers (Dec 16). The stories asserted about the campaign, launched by PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in order to celebrate Sindh Festival 2014 in upcoming February. The young but enthusiastic gentleman has announced such festival forgetting that the Sindhi Culture Day is celebrated on December 08 every year across the world to highlight and strengthen peace, harmony, brotherhood and unity among human beings. Where was Mr. Bilawal on that eve? I think this is now too late to take advantage once again of Sindh card by exploiting the innocent peace loving Sindhi people, as has been done decades by his party.

While unveiling the logo of Sindh Fest 2014 at Karachi (photo published in different newspapers on Dec, 16), neither he was wearing Sindhi topi or Ajrak which are said to be the Sindhi culture in real means nor he seemed dressed with our national dress Shalwar Kameez. The European outfit of Bilawal raised many questions.

It is not bad to participate in Sindh Fest 2014 but people of Sindh should keep an eye on the other side of picture, which depicts the horrible scenario of using Sindh card just to exploit their simplicity. Being Chairman of PPP, a national party, he should not think for a single Province. It seems monotonous when he says “Down in Punjab, kites will soar in Sindh”, he is supposed to mind that Sindhi, Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Baloch are one. Pakistan will be on the road of progress the day when we will believe this fact.

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