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Startling exposure of CIA Station Chief ‘Craig Osth’

Akhtar Jamal

Friday, November 29, 2013 - Islamabad—The name of the alleged CIA Station Chief Islamabad revealed as “Craig Osth” by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on November 27th 2013 is said to be an American official who had been earlier identified as Craig Peters Osth, who worked as the CIA Station Chief in Brazil back in 1999.

The name of CIA Station Chief was first leaked by a Brazilian magazine “Carta Capital” which put out a story related to uncovering involvement of CIA officials bugging the telephones of the then Brazilian President Fernando Enrique Cardoso.

Accordingly to U.S. Congressional Record of the 110th Congress (2007-08) listed Craig Peters Osth as “Consular Officers and Secretaries in the Diplomatic Service of the United States of America”. At the time it was then reported that Craig Peters Osth hailed from Virginia, United States.

An internet search result showed there is only one individual named ‘Craig P. Osth’ who was the resident of 11641 Charter Oak Ct, Apartment 30, Reston,VA-20190.

A report dated 4th October 1974 said that an American official named as “Craig Peters Osth” worked with the then U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in American Embassy in Madrid, Spain. At that time Craig Peters Osth was stationed in Spain. According to a de-classified communication known as ‘Electronic Telegram Document’ No. 1974MADRID06305 from American Embassy in Madrid, dated 7 October 1974, the official Craig Peters Osth at that time lived at this address: Calle M Valdes, 63-3, Madrid 15.

The Brazilian publication “Carta Capital” on March 31 2004, in an exclusive report named Craig Peters Osth as the CIA Station Chief posted at the United States Embassy in Brasilia. The magazine then published a long list of what it called “covert agents of the CIA who have developed their malicious activities in Brazil.”

According to the report in the decade of 90, Vicente Chelotti was Chief of the Federal Police to the service of the Chief of the CIA Bramson Brian, followed by Craig Peters Osth.

According to the report of ‘Carta Capital’ about 30 U.S. diplomatic ‘counselors’, analysts and other ‘diplomatic’ officials develop their clandestine activities under the diplomatic coverage, with the mission of spying the politicians of the government (of Lula da Silva), entrepreneurs, managers of foreign companies, and government officials.

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