Pakistan Observer

Hostels for Islamabad students

Faraz Mangi

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - Education has grown as the most expensive thing in our country; apart from this there are a number of other problem faced by students, who go to other cities for education. One of these problems is the most expensive hostels. The Twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi are known as the most standard cities in term of education; students come from all parts of the country due to that the charges of hostels in twin cities have gone up. The hostel owners have become too commercial and fleece the students badly. As a result, these students have become tense, depressed, anxious and unable to relax. Because their parents cannot support them to shell out such dues of (8, 9 thousands) per month in ordinary and simple hostels where they are not provided due facilities and are not even given good quality food which causes health problem for them. Everybody wants to give good and standard education to the children but nowadays they cannot support their children, due to these soaring dues of hostels. Many students have become a victim of the inferior complex, many have left their education and have gone back hopelessly. These high dues of hostel really have become very critical problem for all students of our country. Our government should arrange its own hostels for the students who come from different areas, as they cannot get good education to become good future of our country, in the current scenario.


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