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KESC, FIA launch anti-power theft drive

Amanullah Khan

Sunday, October 27, 2013 - KarachióKarachi Electric Supply Company along with FIA has launched anti-power theft drive in its franchise area of Sindh and Balochistan as the power theft has become one of the major crime through out the country.

It is however surprising why our corporate sector or areas where corruption is rampant are avoiding application of Information technology softwares easily available in the market which have the capacity to exactly spot the point where the power theft is taking place. Instead of applying modern technology both public and private sector including the government frequently make hue and cry over rising corruption but always rely on deploying anti corruption teams to check the crime instead of going for Information Technology to completely eradicate the menace of file culture.

Whether it is theft of power or gas it can be pin pointed exactly by the softwares if these organizations have the will to weed out the crime from their organizations, unfortunately they depend on human being where element of error and corruption always exists in our society.

Meanwhile the KESC under its ongoing drive against illegal connections and electricity theft, raided a petrol pump in Korangi in collaboration with the FIA and found petrol pump using an illegal connection. The petrol pump comprised of heavy machines and pump motors, that had been illegally using electricity.

The raiding team consisting of a KESC inspection team and FIA personnel raided the mini petrol pump situated near Plot No. 33, Sector 25, opposite GPO flats in Korangi and found out that the outfit had been functioning through electricity in spite of having no electricity connection and meter on the premises. The raiding team discovered that the petrol dispenser motor, pump motor, fans, energy saver and the lights had been receiving illegal power through kunda. The KESC-FIA team removed the kunda and took the cables being used for illegal supply into custody. KESC delivered an assessment bill for approximately 36 months of electricity consumption. The pump owners later acknowledged their misdeed and undertook to pay the bill and to apply for a regular electricity connection to run their setup. Upon their assurance the FIA released an employee of the pump who had been earlier taken into custody for further investigations.

KESCís anti-theft drive has been operational successfully for the past over four years and it covers all residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural locations without any discrimination over status or financial level of those involved. The drive has been reinforced and upgraded by the helping hand extended by FIAunder recent government decisions.

Through this campaign, KESC has been able to motivate a big part of the persons involved in illegal use of electricity to refrain from theft and to obtain regular connections which the prime aim of the drive. Also, the power utility has brought down its losses to a considerable low. KESC has once again appealed the saner sections of society to join hands with power utility to discourage power theft in order to establish a responsible social attitude towards public utilities.
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