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Politicians are not actors

Fatima Hasan Zaidi

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - People say politicians are actors, but it is not right to say this as they are the patriotic people like we are and every other body who-so-ever is the part of his patriotic land. Have you ever given a thought to it as to how difficult it would be for us, the common public to survive in this world of vanity and hypocrisy, people cheating each other and projecting themselves what actually they are not. In the present day world, it is the politicians, despite all their merits or demerits, who control the destiny of nations including ours. We can’t survive if politicians do not play their role in our lives. They are the ones who control things because for controlling of things, in fact it is not the law enforcing agencies, but the political masters who control these agencies including Police. It is our common observation and frequently we watch on TV that our politicians are found with diverse attributes, at times they speak sense while on the other they are just nostalgic. But it does not mean that they are actors. At times they pose themselves what they are not, hence arrogant; sometimes they are clueless and speak timidly as they have no answer and sometimes they beat about the bush because they have to justify the illogical acts of their ‘masters’. So they are in fact pitiable. Francis Bacon says, ‘Men in great places are thrice servants; servants of the sovereign or state, servants of the fame and servants of the business; so as they have no freedom, neither in their persons, nor in their actions, nor in their times’. Hence these poor souls are miserably subservient to the regrets of their past follies and apprehensions of their future fall-outs. We are far better; just observe and enjoy. It is man’s nature that he is found with different moods in different situations. So in fact, politicians are not actors but it is the callousness of our media which portrays and projects our leaders as vain, hypocrites, arrogant, childish, at times statesmen, visionaries and icons of wisdom, forethought and foresight. It is our media which exaggerates and overplays the moods of our politicians in the talk shows on channels. Those who dub our politicians as actors are myopic and do not understand the tense and difficult situations through which our politicians have to undergo while serving the people of Pakistan..


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