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Terrorism in Pakistan

Abdul Rauf Bazmi

Saturday, September 07, 2013 - Today the terrorism is a core issue of the world. Many countries in different regions of the world are facing dilemma of terrorism. The world powers particularly America and its allies are fighting against war on terrorism after the incident of 9/11.

Pakistan is also facing the severe problem of terrorism for several years but after 9/11 US attacked Afghanistan on the grounds of nurturing terrorism. Poverty, unemployment, sectarianism, racism and political influence as well as foreign interference are also cause of terrorism. During the Afghan war terrorism activities continued but after 9/11, the US attacked Afghanistan due to terrorism which is also affecting Pakistan. After 9/11 Government of Pakistan also changed foreign policies and joined the US war on terrorism as an ally. religious extremism and political involvement are also responsible for terrorism. We can’t avoid involvement of foreign hands and support to the militants groups who are involved in terrorism.

The role of law & order enforcement and intelligence agencies is insufficient. Some political parties also support to militants’ groups. When law & order enforcement agencies seize terrorists but unfortunately because of our complicated legal system, the terrorists are easily acquitted by the courts. As far as Government is concerned, it is not making proper policies on terrorism and could not implement policies. It was the main reason of political influence on policy making decision.

Today Pakistan is facing many challenges but terrorism is a big challenge. No doubt the terrorism is a core issue of the country and Government should eliminate terrorism from the country.

In this regard the Government should take bold steps to eliminate terrorism, strengthen the law & order enforcement agencies and empower the legal system. Government should discourage the political influence in policy making decision. Government should initiate dialogue with religious and political parties and create mutual consensus for eradication of terrorism.

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