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Islamabad incident

Sana Ahmed Awan

Sunday, August 18, 2013 - The recent incident in the Federal Capital is a misery and simultaneously a question mark on the efficiency of the Police department and security agencies. It seems shameless that a single person, noe medically declared as abnormal and drug-addicted, can create and continue such a drama for several hours and the forces take more than 5 hours to plan and design a commando action. Such irresponsibility is questionable. It can also be questioned here that why forces and law-enforcimg institutions do not have a beforehand strategy to cope with such a ridiculous situation.

Media covered every second of the incident along with the careful and deep analysis of the situation. An anchor of one of the TV channels got the chance to have Sikander, the protagonist of the whole drama, and his wife on a phone call. Another question arises here that if a private TV channels source can trace out his personal phone number, why it was not tried by any government officials? Why they did not take any serious step to resolve the chaos?

Apart from the demands of that person, it seems a clear failure of the federal administration. The nation also invites Maulana Fazal ur Rehman should comment on this scene too, as he has commented and condemned KPK government regarding the D.I.Khan Jail assault.

Moreover, as the rumors on some social interfaces quotes Sikander as a personal security guard of Asif Ali Zardari’s daughters, this also put a shameful mark on the performance of the President during and now at the end of his tenure. However, apart from the reasons why a leader of PPP, Zamurd Khan came forward to resolve the mystery, the nation adores him to resolve the confusion that lasted about 5 hours.

In addition, both the efficiency and comment of Rana Sanaullah is depreciating. We as a nation suggest PML(N) to select some presentable and sophisticated person for such a responsible and important designation, who should be reasonable enough to make some sensible statements; focusing on national and political issues rather than being busy in commenting on others’ health or personal appearances or discouraging a courageous act.

Such non-serious leadership clearly shows self-supposed, unfair mandate. In short, Pakistan desperately needs a sensible and educated leadership.

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