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Purse snatching groups active in Raja Bazaar

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - Rawalpindi—Purse snatching ladies gang has gone active in busiest bazaars of Raja Bazaar and Moti Bazaar due to Eid shopping spree. Shopping activity has picked up enormously in these two markets with the women rushing into these bazaars in flocks upon flocks in the wake of upcoming Eid. The ladies customers are seen thronging in every shop to buy clothes, ready made garments, toys, shoes, bangles and hena but most of these ladies to the disappointment of their children return empty handed to their homes. They become victim of the purse snatching ladies gangs which have been given free hand to loot and rob of the visiting ladies.

“My husband is a laborer and I have saved some money to buy bangles and hena for my daughters to let them share the Eid festivities but all the hopes of my children have been dampened as I could not add to their delights. As soon as I tried to enter to a shop of bangles , some hands reached out to my purse all at once and I was stunned that purse was no more in my hands”, Saeeda, a lady visitor said. —Online

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