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Swat River flood threatens local population

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - Swat—Flood in River Swat following the melting of glaciers at mountains with increase in temperature has posed threats to the population residing along the banks of the river. According to details, water entered in houses located nearby River Swat as water level rose due to melting of snow in mountainous areas of the district. The floodwater also washed away a portion of the Oatarro Road disconnecting various areas.

The population residing in surrounding areas of Swat River has started shifting to safe places due to threats of being washed away by the flooding river. Meanwhile, population residing nearby the river in Kalam, Bahrain, Fizzaghat was also facing threat of flood. The district administration has advised the inhabitants of the areas which often were affected of the floods in the past to move to alternate places along with their households.

The people of affected areas, which mostly comprise, lower middle class have urged the provincial government and district administration for financial assistance for shifting to other places.—INP

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