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Social issues in Pakistan

Samra Saleem

Sunday, April 07, 2013 - It has been 63 years since Pakistan came into being. Many Governments since then came and went away but none of them were able to solve the major social issues in Pakistan. Poverty is the main social issue since Independence. According to a survey, 60% of Pakistan’s population is living in poverty. The current Government like others has failed to fulfill its promise to provide food, clothing and shelter to all. Another important issue which has always been given less importance is lack of proper education. Private schools provide quality education but majority of the population is unable to afford their expenses. The Government schools providing education on low costs are simply below standards of quality.

Due to the negligence and unawareness, Dengue has become one of the many horrible diseases in Pakistan. People must be taught to carry out special precautionary measures for saving themselves from all such ailments. Special vaccines should be introduced and common man be educated about them. When we look back in the past, at our initial governments, we do not see so such corruption, suicidal attacks, blasts etc. These all are prevalent n today’s era and the Government is merely interested in filling their bank accounts instead of trying to eradicate these evils. They too in this way contribute to the corruption. These are the major social issues of Pakistan that need to be solved. The bright future of Pakistan fully depends upon the actual solutions of these issues.

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