Pakistan Observer

WAPDA defaulters

Raja Ghazanfar Ali

Thursday, March 28, 2013 - It is reported by all national dailies of Pakistan that most of Ex Ministers and MNAs of dissolved govt have not paid their Electricity Bills and other Govt taxes and dues of millions of Rupees.Hence they are also the defaulters the Wapda. Now question is how WAPDA will recover these electricity arrears from their sourceful defaulters.I think that WAPDA, as usual get recovered these arrears from the bills of the powerless and poor consumers of WAPDA as it was adopted and remained a bad practice to recover all the financial losses caused by powerful and sourceful politicians from the poor public /peo0ples of Pakistan through Utility Bills of the poor.

Hence I will advise to Chairman Wapda to avoid to re-adopt this bad practice of recovering of financial losses of the defaulters of ex ministers and MNAs through the electricity bills of the poor consumers of WAPDA. Hope that WAPDA officers should not commit such type of cruelity upon innocent people of Pakistan.

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