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Arshad Pappu killed along with brother, 5 others in Liyari

Arshad Pappu killed along with brother, 5 others in Liyari

Irfan Aligi

Monday, March 18, 2013 - KarachióArshad Pappu, one of the top-listed hardened gangster of Liyari gang war was killed Sunday. Yasar Arafat, brother of Pappu was also killed simultaneously. A total of 6 were gunned down while more than 8 were seriously injured during exchange of fire between two rival groups that reigned the Liyari gang war.

The third major name of Liyari gang war, Shera Pathan, was also gunned town and was among those 6 that were finely targeted and killed. Arshad Pappu was implicated in various heinous crimes including drug paddling and smuggling. Police encounters had resulted in colossal loss to Police. Over all more than 100 FIRs had been registered against Pappu and he was among those hardened criminals Police had wanted most.

Pappu had been jailed for many years and was recently released. He had challenged the writ of the Peopleís Amn Committee and collateral damage was inflicted on both sides. Pappuís death was mystery-packed as neither the opposite party of the Liyari gang war claimed to have executed him nor the law enforcement agencies including Rangers or Police owned the killing of Pappu.

However, it was learned that Pappu was abducted from his hide-out along with his brother Arafat and was subjected to brutal physical torture and then was silenced to death. It is pertinent to mention that the sources privy to the theme of the targeted operation against the hardened criminals were of the opinion that the law enforcers were asked to react with full force against the hardened criminals and shoot them at sight if they refused to surrender.

The sources also claimed that the government had been convinced that the presence of hardened criminals in Liyari would sabotage the process of general election. The situation had created a chaotic situation for the local political leaders and some of them had to leave the area for fear of their lives. The killing of Pappu had closed the chapter of other stakeholders in Liyari and now it was the PAC alone to enjoy the full freedom under the umbrella of Pakistan Peopleís Party.If Pappu was killed by the LEAs, the rival group of Liyari gang war should also be chased in a similar way, the sources opined.

Police recovered dead bodies of three of Lyariís most wanted gang war suspects including two real brothers. According to details, dead bodies of Lyari war gangsters identified as Arshad Pappu, his brother Yasir Arafat, and Jumma Shera Pathan were found at Barohi Chowk in Lyari.

Sources said that, opponent group in a shootout killed these notorious mobsters and threw their dead bodies. Police said that the bullet-riddled bodies also bore marks of torture. The bodies were shifted to Civil Hospital Kararchi for medico-legal-requirements.

The sons of a veteran gangster Haji Lal Mohammad aka Lalu, who was also Rehman Dakaitís godfather, Arshad Pappu and Yasir Arafat came from one of the most notorious criminal families of Lyari. Pappu had been one of the main gangwarlords in Lyari.

Puppu was arrested in 2007 but was out before long owing to lack of evidence. Last year he was acquitted in more than 50 cases. Pappu, Arafat, and Pathan, who were awaiting several trials, were proclaimed offenders wanted for numerous counts of murder, assault, drug-peddling, extortion and kidnapping for ransom Gang wars in Liyari have led to the deaths of hundreds of people. Police and Rangers had conducted a number of operations against these gangs, but had not been able to achieve a breakthrough. In most of the cases rival gangsters and not the men of law killed other gangsters.

A large number of people took out to the streets after they learned about Pappuís death and bocked the policeís access to the area for hours.

Moreover, four other persons were killed and six others injured in various incidents of violence across the city. Two persons were shot dead near Memon Masjid in Boulton market area of the city.

Another person was killed while resisting a robbery in Landhiís Zafar Town area in Karachi. A trader was killed in a gun-firing incident near New Sabzimandi on Super Highway. A number of enraged locals took out a protest rally after the incident. The protestors pelted stones at cars and blocked the flow of traffic on the Super Highway.

A father and son suffered gunshot wounds while resisting a robbery in Nazimabad area. Three persons were injured in a gunfiring incident in Sariya Galli in Kharadar area of the city. Another person suffered gunshot wounds in a firing incident in Moosa lane of Karachiís Lyari area.

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