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Most ridiculous statement of Raisani

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - IRONICALLY, instead of repenting over what he did to the province and its people, former Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani has said that un-ceremonial dismissal of his Government was an ambush against democracy. He also claimed that he enjoyed majority in the provincial assembly and the President should have waited for his return abroad to make any decision.

No doubt, Raisani managed to obtain vote of confidence and also showed the door to his own Speaker through maneuvering but this, in no way, meant he also enjoyed confidence of the people of his province, who felt highly insecure under his rule. The bad governance and corruption had reached a level where even the Supreme Court had to pass a judgement that the provincial government has lost right to rule. However, instead of stepping down honourably, the Chief Minister defied the court orders and understandably with the blessings of the party leadership stuck to the power, which ultimately led to total break down of the law and order in the province. About six hundred people lost their lives in target killings in different parts of the province in just one year and incidents of kidnapping for ransom increased at alarming rate but the Chief Minister and his cabinet were least bothered. However, the brutal killing of about one hundred members of the Hazara Community that has borne the brunt of target killing throughout the year served as a turning point as the President and the Prime Minister were left with no other option but to dismiss the government and impose Governorís Rule in the province. Therefore, Aslam Raisani has to blame himself for what has happened to him and the province. We believe that dismissal of Raisani administration is not enough and action should be initiated against all those known to be involved in criminal activities.
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