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Qadri voices people’s demand for change

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - The Long March of Dr Tahirul Qadri has served a cause and gave a clear message that the people of Pakistan are for a change, want an end to corruption, electoral reforms and other related improvements in the system to get rid of their sufferings. That is the reason that braving the chilly weather, women, children and elderly people from far-flung areas took part in the historic and well organised long march and spent the night under open sky which has no precedence in the history of the land.

In his address, Dr Qadri gave his seven points of revolutionary nature and are of far reaching consequences. The address was in line with the sentiments of the people as they are pushed to the wall and every passing day brings more miseries for them including excessive power and gas load shedding, shortage of basic necessities like wheat flour and skyrocketing increase in prices. Regarding his demands from the government, like instant dissolution of the assemblies and dismissal of the government, one may say that these were far-fetched bordering unconstitutional measures and are beyond comprehension. After the passage of the deadline, Dr Qadri again addressed his supporters in front of the Parliament House repeating most of demands including implementation of electoral laws in letter and spirit as provided in the constitution pointing out that the election commission had not been empowered and same people were returning to the assemblies through money, mind and manipulation. The government on its part rejected the demands describing them unconstitutional and unlawful. While the stand off continues, it cannot be predicted what course it will ultimately take. It was however satisfying that the marchers remained calm and except for an incident when shots were fired in the air and there was pelting of stones on the police, things went on smoothly and in a peaceful manner. We would emphasise that the government and the democratic forces must work in cohesion so that there was bloodshed. In any case, the March has left a deep mark on Pakistan’s political horizon which has already been established.
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