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Basra alleges CM diverting funds to ‘Jangla Bus’

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - Lahore—PPP Deputy Parliamentary Party leader in Punjab Assembly Shoukat Mehmud Basra said here on Tuesday that multi-billion ‘Jangla Bus’ had bankrupted the Punjab government and the chief minister was diverting development funds to other sectors.

Infact, he said, the project’s cost has exceeded to Rs 70 billion and to meet the cost, Shahbaz Sharif has no money to accomplish it.

Talking to media at the Punjab assembly on Thursday, he said, the government has turned the entire city into junk as massive traffic muddle because of broken roads, has made the citizens mentally sick. He demanded probe into the wastage of development funds by the chief minister.

Commenting on Tahirul Qadri’s long march, Basra said, it has met its logical end. He said, Dr Qadri failed to entice people to serve his foreign agenda. He said, politically aware people of Pakistan will not be deceived by such anti-democracy forces.

PPP leader said, Pakistan People’s Party is the single largest political party which their leadership laid colossal sacrifices for a democratic system in the country.—APP

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