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‘Young doctors should respect their seniors, teachers’

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - Lahore—Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute & Lahore General Hospital Prof. Anjam Habib Vohra said young doctors and students of medical science must regard and respect their seniors and teachers during their studies as by virtue of respecting their seniors they can earn laurel.

“The more research and investigation in medical field is conducted, the easier will be the treatment of diseases and ailments faced by humanity,” Prof. Anjam Habib Vohra said while addressing the oath taking ceremony of Medical Teachers Association, PGMI and inaugurating digital research and resource lab at the institute here on Tuesday.

The event was also addressed by Prof. Ghayas un Nabi Tayyab, Prof. Israr Ahmed, Prof. Anwar ul Haq, Dr. Sikandar Hayat Gondal and Dr. Afsar Ali Bhatti. Faculty members, Dr. Tanveer Anwar President PMA Lahore, Dr. Ahsan ur Rehman General Secretary MTA and students of Ameer ud Din Medical college were also present on the accasian.

Prof. Vohra said in his speech that the attitude of young generation including doctors, patients and attendants have taken certain changes under social pressure. We have to evolve some strategy by virtue of which medical teachers have to improve upon new methods of medical education, introduction of new subjects relevant to character building, communication skills and medical ethics. He emphasized the medical teachers to be generous and magnanimous towards their juniors in terms of social and professional attitudes so that ideal atmosphere of mutual respect could flourish in the organization.

He said that newly established modern digital research and resource lab would be very helpful for research and keeping students informed about the advancements in the field. He also stressed the faculty members to transfer their knowledge to next generations by writing books on medical subject. They should guide and teach the students by using all their experience as a good teacher can equip the students with all skills needed for their future. Prof. Vohra also congratulated the newly elected body of MTA with the expectation that it will establish strong traditions of service.
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