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Hansie Cronje’s King Commission testimony still stands uncontested and true, says his family

Bipin Dani Observer Correspondent

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - Mumbai—South Africa’s retired cricketer Henry Williams’ recent claim of telling the “different story” at the Hansie Cronje fixing enquiry has not surprised the Cronje family.

Speaking exclusively over telephone from South Africa, the late Hansie Cronje’s brother, Franz says, “I read the Henry’s comments in the media and found it interesting. It, however, does not surprise me”.

“There was so much hype by the cricket authorities and the media during the King Commission. I think the authorities expecting Hansie to be more deeply involved than he admitted. The good thing is that 12 years after the King Commission the testimony that Hansie gave still stands uncontested and true. This statement by Henry shows that it does not necessarily hold true for the other testimonies”, he added.

“As a family we said all that we wanted to say in a biography about Hansie, called The Hansie Cronje Story, an authorised biography”.

“It was for that same reason that we produced a two hour long feature film, as well as a 5 hour long documentary about Hansie. This film has been available on DVD in India since May 2012 and is distributed to many DVD stores in India. The movie is available in English, Hindi and Tamil”, the brother added.

Dr. Ali Bacher, who was a Cricket South Africa (CSA) chairman when the fixing news first broke, has doubts over Williams’ recent claim.

“I am doubtful if there is any substance to the allegations that surfaced recently”, he said from South Africa, again exclusively. “Mike Fitzgerald is a SC and highly regarded within the legal fraternity of SA.I doubt if this report will gain any momentum in S.Africa”.

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