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Conducive environ imperative to foster culture of innovations

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - Islamabad—There is a need to ensure conducive environment, cooperation by the industry, academia and government to foster culture of innovations in Pakistan.

These views were expressed by Dr Khursheed Qureshi Chairman, Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) Foundation, America while talking to PTV.

He said knowledge based engineering is basically manufacturers of automobile such as truck, cars since hundred years to capture the knowledge than can be applied on innovations.

He said it was his moral responsibility to serve his country and for that purpose he remained associated with DICE company in US who had made free software brands available to third world countries. He said that he considered this opportunity as best for this country and with the grant, he had brought this technology home.

“Coupled with the knowledge of university and US company I started a DICE programme, a branding foundation which is a non-profit platform named DICE Foundation to foster the culture of Innovation”, he said.

He said 11 million dollar grant has been utilised for the Innovation Programme with active cooperation of the Higher Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and channelized it and disseminated it in 5 university for its widely usage. He said revolution of these innovations should be part of all the educational institutes as its response is quite positive. He hoped long term positive results of these innovations and suggested to hold exibitions and workshops at the end of every month.

He said he had been associated with 23 universities where he found students highly competatives for domestic and international markets.

“The students can bring revolution of innovations based on imagination” he said and appreciated hard efforts of the Pakistani students who have full potential for innovations”,he said.

“The students are exemplary students who need wide support”,he said and added HEC has developed a search oriented environment in the academia that is playing very significant role in the innovations field”, he added.

Replying to a question, he said from this year, DICE is open to all educational disciplines including health, engineering,physical science ,arts humanities and they had invited wide paticiaption and their innovations were very attractive.

He said “if the students were given support and environment we will be 10 yeras ahead in Innovations”. Replying another question, he said that there is a wide response by the foreigners as they offered gracious support. He said the work has also been displayed on the website.—APP

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