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Imran demands Zardari’s resignation

Imran demands Zardari’s resignation

PTI’s 7-point agenda

Muzaffar Ali

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 - Lahore—Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Tuesday demanded President Asif Ali Zardari to resign immediately to make way for free and fair elections.

“President Asif Ali Zardari should resign immediately. He cannot hold free and fair elections because he is holding two offices,” he expressed these views while addressing a press conference held here.

Imran Khan said President Zardari was responsible for all that was wrong with Pakistan.

“The rulers are usurping money through corruption and are using that money to buy the elections,” he asserted. He also alleged that the president is working against the Constitution.

The party also demanded the the Election Commission to take notice of pre-poll rigging being done by many parties on the expense of the public ex-chequer. “We have complained to the election commission about how the Punjab government and the central government are carrying out pre-poll rigging by distribut-ing laptops and through the Benazir Income Support Programme,” he added. Citing news reports regarding public funds which were used for election campaigning, Imran lamented that the election commission has not replied to any of his party’s com-plaints. He expressed distrust on election commission officials, but expressed confi-dence over the chief election commissioner’s credibility. He said that they would not tolerate give and take policy accorded between the two political parties namely PPP and PML-N in regard of caretaker government.

The party chairman also called for implementation of Supreme Court’s recent or-der of arresting Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in the Rental Power Plants case. “We will come out on the roads if orders are not implemented,” he maintained.

He said PTI supported Tehrik-e-Minhaj-ul-Quran (TMQ) chief Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri and termed Qadri’s demands in accordance with the agenda of PTI they were advocat-ing since the last five years in the country. He warned the government to shun away from torturing the participants of the long march and if any step to disperse this peace-ful long march with brutal force then PTI could come to rescue TMQ workers. He said PTI workers should be patient and wait for his call following a party meeting on Wednesday; however he made it clear that they could call for mobilization anytime.

“The government should immediately announce new elections and should also an-nounce a date for it,” adding he said change is not possible without holding of free and fair elections.

He said they were not backing calls for judiciary and military inter-vention in the caretaker administration but they demand the caretaker setup should be created with mutual consensus and consist of neutral people. “PTI will present some prestigious names for the caretaker setup and these people will be respectful and def-erential entities of the society,” he added.

The PTI chairman announced his seven demands included the election date to be announced immediately, neutral caretaker government be announced, elections should be held on time without any delay, President Zardari should be removed, Election Commission should be neutral, immediate action should be taken on the Supreme Court orders in the Rental Power case and terrorists behind the Quetta tragedy should be immediately arrested.

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