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Literature grows up in democracy: Kishwar

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Sunday, January 13, 2013 - Islamabad—Literature grows up in democracy. The famous poetess Kishwar Naheed expressed his views while addressing to the last session of two days International Writers Conference under the title Literature and Democracy” organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters.

The last session of conference was conducted under the topic of International Literature & Democracy in which the famous intellectuals expressed his views on the role of International Literature in the progress of democratic values. Thamg Ming Shing (China), Ali Javed (India), Arjmand Ara (India) Aamir Hussain (U.K), Harchander Pal chandar (India), Harbansen Singh Dehemal (India), Dr. Rachander Gotam (India) , Peter Belly (U.K), Panch Bhisht (India) and Fahmeeda Riaz and Kishwar Naheed, Razi Abid and Prof. Dawar Khan Dawood expressed their views on this topic. At the end of the conference a declaration was also asked by the writers in which it was expressed the gathering of these Pakistani Writers congratulate Chairman Abdul Hameed the organizer of Pakistan Academy of Letters and their volunteers on conducting a successful conference.

It is expected that the gathering of young and women intellectuals of all the areas of Pakistan would be increased.

The conducting of conference should be assured every year for this purpose a big fund should be fixed. The postulate accepted by Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Perviz Ashraf in the open ceremony of conference, the writers felt satisfactory on those and thanked him.

It should be assured that actions will be taken soon. It is expected that the Ministry of National Heritage and Integration will make sure that which postulate are accepted by Prime Minister. It should be assured that actions will be taken soon. Faiz Auditorium whose building is already accepted. It should be started soon.

The cash of Literary Awards has been doubled it should be paid soon. Stipend has been equaled to the minimum wages. The actions will be taken soon. In the fare of Plans and Railways the writers should also be given facilities like the journalists that should be assured.

The grant should be given to enhanced insurance scheme of writers. The Prime Minister has accepted the establishment of Academy Printing Press it should be acted soon.

The summary should be sent to Prime Minister about transports and buildings of the all four provincial offices of Pakistan Academy of Letters. Pakistan Academy of Letters organized a way of relationship among the provincial intellectuals, delegates as well as with the delegates of other countries.

The writers colonies should be established in the different cities for Pakistani Writers. It is demanded from Government that should help in the Book Industry. The tax should be exempted on the paper of Literary Books.

This gathering of intellectuals appeal from all the political parties that the honor, property and life of all the minorities of the country should be assured and play their role to bring the peace and to change the terrific atmosphere of the country.

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