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Qadri demands dissolution of Election Commission

Qadri demands dissolution of Election Commission

Shujaat, his team hold talks with TMQ chief

Presents seven-point charter of demands

Salim Ahmed

Sunday, January 13, 2013 - Lahore—Tehrik-e-Minhaj ul Quran chief Dr Tahirul Qadri Saturday declined to hold any dialogue with PML-Q President Ch. Shujaat Hussein and his team in the presence of business tycoon Malik Riaz.

Qadri took exception when PML-Q President accompanied by Ch. Pervaiz Elahi, Moonis Elahi, business tycoon Malik Riaz reached his Model Town residence. Dr Qadri neither received Ch. Shujaat and his team nor decided to sit in talks. He stated that he was not ready to hold any talks in the presence of Malik Riaz, as talks in his presence may raise many doubts.

Qadri told reporters on the occasion that he would never hold any talks with Ch. Shujaat and his team in the presence of Malik Riaz. He said he did not know Malik Riaz and negotiations in his presence may raise many doubts. He made it clear that no body can purchase him. He said that Ch. Shujaat had not informed him about bringing Malik Riaz for talks. However, he beg pardon from Malik Riaz for the incident.

Qadri made it clear that long march will be held at every cost but doors of dialogue are open.

Later Shujaat told reporters that they made sincere effort to avert long march. He said that demands raised by Dr Qadri were presented to the government. He also highlighted services of Malik Riaz and defended his presence saying Dr Sahib had allowed them to bring anybody.

Deputy Prime Minister Ch. Pervaiz Elahi said the country was facing serious situation and at this point of time long march should not be held.

Malik Riaz said on the occasion that the country was facing critical situation. If Dr Qadri has reservations over his presence he is leaving but request Dr Qadri to hold talks, as the parties concerned are near to reach consensus.

After departure of Malik Riaz, Dr Qadri met PML-Q leaders and discussed various matters. The PML-Q leaders apprised Qadri about their talks with the government on demands raised by him.

Earlier, Dr Qadri in a press conference demanded reformation of the election commission and stressed for holding general elections under a genuinely impartial caretaker government under Articles 62, 63 and 218 of the constitution.

Qadri announced this charter of demands (CoD) consisting of seven points. Out of 7 points of his CoD he unfolded one point which demands dissolution of present election commission for its reconstitution. Rest of six demands will be revealed in Islamabad, he added.

Qadri said that apart from the chief election commissioner, all four heads of the provincial commissions were political appointees by the provincial governments. He said CEC Fakhruddin G Ebrahim was an honest man, however, he would not be able to conduct impartial elections due to his old age.

Tahirul Qadri requested the Supreme Court to take suo motu notice against Interior Minister Rehman Malik for having information regarding terrorist attacks.

Qadri, during the press conference played footage of Malik in which he announced the threats Qadri will face during the long march.

“He did not say there might be an attack on me. He said there will be one,” said Qadri. “Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and the Supreme Court should take a suo motu notice of this person on his statements of spreading terrorism. He should be arrested and sent to jail,” he maintained.

He also termed Malik’s statement as a “direct threat” to him and said that he is not afraid of anyone but God.

Qadri added that the door for negotiations was never closed, however, final negotiations would only be held in front of millions of people in Islamabad. He vowed that the long march would start from Data Darbar in Lahore on Sunday and would take place as planned in spite of all hindrances.

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