Pakistan Observer

Lawlessness in Pakistan

Changezi Sandhu

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - When somewhere in the society, people do not abide by rules and regulations; think superior oneself to law that is called lawlessness. Scholars narrate the nation which is not ready to accept her national laws by heart and prefer their personal interests and expectations than law, such nations can not become stable, prosperous and independent. But if any nation wants to get prosperity and stability then her public will have to accept law. All flesh must be equal before law. Lawlessness has prevailed in some areas of Pakistan that’s playing a vital role in expansion of local and national problems.

The world is making great strides by leaps and bounds but we are retrogressing with the passage of time Due to such kind of other knotty and dangerous challenges. Lawlessness is making up capital crimes which are destroying the peace of Pakistan and damaging her roots. I request to the government of Pakistan try to root it out as early as possible otherwise it can be much harmed us in the womb of time. I would like to say my nation, any government can’t be able to eradicate these problems without public support therefore our public will have to play an active role to get rid of these challenges.

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