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War of words: Romney vs Obama

Muhammad Daheem

Tuesday, November 06, 2012 - Though both Obama and Romney have tried to vow the middle class, Romney seemed to be much worried about the rich. He apparently advocated the rich behind closed doors “that 47 percent of the country considered themselves victims who refuse personal responsibility”. Obama accused Romney of a faulty tax plan. This would make rich richer and poor poorer. Naturally it would be an extra burden on the common man. Romney did not like illegal immigrants and blamed the present government for not making reforms or amendment in the law in this connection. Both expressed their viewpoints, plans and programs to the electorates. Obama laid emphasis on education. Both promised to cut taxes. But to give everyone job seems to be the cruel joke of the 21st century.

Romney seemed to be interested in business-friendly taxes. He dislocated himself from Bush legacy and called himself more conservative than Bush on social issues. Romney appeared ill-tempered, egotistical, rude, harsh and disrespectful to the President. The CNN survey shows that Obama was the clear winner in the second round. He maintained his stand on clean energy and answered the questions, in a definite tone, raised by Romney.

The two candidates participated in the third and final round at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, October 22, 2012 to present their viewpoint on foreign policy. America would be out of Afghanistan by 2014 to save its crippling economy. Romney failed to explain “how he’d simultaneously cut taxes, lower the deficit and increase military spending.” Both tied at 46 percent in Reuters poll and regained confidence in the war of words. It may be now anybody’s game. The opinion polls show that popular votes can tilt the result either side. The battle for White House has entered in the final stage. Both apparently seem to be moderate and advocate of change for a better world.

The electorate received first hand information on the programs and plans of the two candidates. They came to know about the strong and weak points and policies of the presidential candidates. Ohio may be the crucial place for both the players to perform. It is an uphill task for Romney to win from this state. Polls have tightened here too, but most show Obama maintaining a small lead, and it would be difficult for Romney to win the White House without this state. In the words of Sen. Rob Portman (R), Romney campaigner, Ohio is a “dead heat.” American economy is bleeding. It will play crucial role in 2012 election. Obama is struggling hard to sway undecided voters in his favor. Due to Obama’s policies his strength in the middle class is shrinking. He, in fact, has failed to satisfy the middle class over the past 4 years. Gasoline prices have almost doubled. People are depending more on Food Stamp like programs. America is a difficult country to rule and nobody can resolve American issues in a single term. But Bush who used two terms created more fuss than several other single term American presidents. Obama was, in fact, elected to defuse Bush’s horrible foreign policy and to overpower America’s internal economic crisis.

The truth of the matter is that former President Bush was basically responsible for the American economic crisis. Bush administration got $4 trillion debt while 42 American Presidents got $5 trillion debts. America has to payback over $9 trillion of debt. It means every American will have to pay back about $30,000 in future. This amount would certainly increase with the passage of time and naturally white elephant would fall under immense burden of its own. President Obama added $16+ Trillion to the national debt (that’s $50,000 for every American). It means “4 straight Trillion dollar budget deficits in a row!”. American president is not a very powerful man. On the contrary the destiny of the nation is in the hands of bankers, businessmen, congress and senators. Americans demand good paying jobs with medical facilities and several other social benefits and cheap gasoline. Many have a desire for business facilities. A number of parents cannot afford the high cost of education of their children. Economic chart shows the miserable, stagnant and crippling financial condition of the country.

American culture is changing and two presidential candidates are openly calling each other liars. Will Obama be one term president, a product of fortune? It is generally believed that what may be the result of election, nothing would happen remarkable. Bleeding economy, unemployment, gas prices, etc would be the same issues, no matter who is in office and what may be his agenda.

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