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Drones: US outright contempt to Pakistan

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - DRONE issue remained under sharp focus these days as both frequency of provocative attacks as well as reaction to them has increased. Tehrik-i-Insaf Chief Imran Khan organized a peace march against these strikes, which was also joined by foreign participants.

It is, however, highly condemnable that in total disregard to the aspirations and will of the people of Pakistan, the United States continues to carry out drone attacks inside the country killing many innocent people as well. Attacks were mounted for consecutive two days on Wednesday and Thursday and in the latest one alone eighteen people were killed in Orakzai Agency. According to official figures, it was the 309th strike since US drone started attacking targets in Pakistan. As per an official hand out, the Foreign Office lodged a strong formal protest with the United States, conveying the American Embassy in Islamabad that these attacks constitute violation of the country’s sovereignty. But the power-drunk super power has neither cared for Pakistani protests and demands in the past nor is likely to pay heed in future and as a reaction there would be more terrorism and extremism. We have been pointing out in these columns that drones might be killing a handful of militants but they do more damage to the war on terror as collateral damage sparks anti-Americanism. There is every reason to believe that the United States is losing ground war in Afghanistan and it is trying to shift attention and blame towards Pakistan by leveling allegations of so-called safe havens of terrorists and drone attacks against these alleged targets. The strategy might benefit to some extent in electoral politics of the United States but is harming strategic interests of both the United States and the international community in this region as the policy would inevitably give birth to more extremism. The issue of drone strikes has been raised bilaterally with the United States time and again without any tangible result. Diplomatic campaign should be launched to sensitize the world community besides taking up the issue in due earnest at the forum of the United Nations as sovereignty and security of a member state is imperiled by another member.
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