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Harassment in public transport

Muhammad Uzair Niazi

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 - Every family in our society is equipped with different financial backgrounds categorized in to upper class, middle class, lower middle class, and poor class. In this fast pace world both men and women are working to earn a better livelihood. In cities majority of the women, are attached with any profession to support their family.

For this purpose they have to mobilize around the city by using the local transport. The system of local transport on one hand is facilitating the people, but on the other it also carries with it many draw backs, that need serious attention. Most of the working women use the public transport for their mobility, but face many problems.

For them travelling becomes a painful experience, because of brassy stares of both the drivers and the passengers. Through out the journey the women feel unsafe until she reaches her destination. It is very common that the drivers annoy the female passengers by their uncivilized actions. Sometimes the drivers touch the female passengers who are sitting next to them on the front seats by pretending to change the gear. Loud vulgar music is also played throughout the journey, which disturbs the women passengers, and makes them more depressed.

The women harassment in public transport creates panic, and distress among the women passengers, as it is also a form of sexual violence that is in action around us. The government must establish different ladies complaint cells near different local stops, where the women can feel free to register their complaints. This will give them a hope, that their complaints are heard with a full devoted manner, and are solved on time.

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