Pakistan Observer

Pak-India relations

M Rafique Zakaria

Sunday, July 08, 2012 - This refers to photograph published in your esteem daily on 04th July 2012 in which Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas is received by Y. K. Sinha India’s External Affairs Joint Secretary in New Delhi. Similar pictures of foreign ministers, external affairs ministers and their sub ordinates keep appearing in newspapers on both sides of the border. But has anybody ever thought how these pictures hurt the feelings of all those women living in India and Pakistan who are married in each other’s countries but do not have smooth access to obtaining visas.

My wife, who was holding Indian nationality till 1992 before she was married, often ask me as to why foreign ministers, foreign secretaries and ministry of foreign affairs on both sides of the border don’t do anything to ease visa policies for the citizens of both the countries particularly for Indian and Pakistani women? It is high time that the much publicized slogan of “People to People Contact” between India and Pakistan is practiced in letter and in spirit.

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