Pakistan Observer

Natural disasters & precautions

Muhammad Uzair Niazi

Tuesday, April 03, 2012 - The world is facing a mounting problem of global warming. The climatic conditions are changing more rapidly and are having devastating results on the planet. Many natural calamities in the form of floods, earthquakes, famines have struck the world. 90% of the world natural disasters are through climate change. Pakistan has faced many natural disasters in the past few years. Pakistan is an agrarian society where most of the people are dependent on agriculture. Last year floods effected the agricultural sector. The economy of our country was shaken because of this natural disaster. Other than that the changing climatic conditions are giving birth to certain new phenomenon like variable monsoon and Glaciers melting. This is an alarming situation for all of us. It is need of the hour that we upgrade our early alarming system, so that less people may get effected. But this is not the end as strategies like vulnerability mapping, disaster risk reduction, building water reservoirs etc must be worked out. These early steps can help in coping with the natural disasters, and hence less population will be effected.


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