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People forced to drink polluted water

Staff reporter

Monday, April 02, 2012 - Chakwal—Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) has revealed that most of the water sources in district Chakwal are providing unsafe drinking water, mainly due to presence of micro-organisms, iron and fluoride.

According to report of Technical survey for Water Supply Schemes ( WSS) conducted by PCRWR throughout the country,out of 202 WSSs in district Chakwal, only 21% are supplying water safe at source.

Mostly untreated water was being supplied to the consumers, which was causing many waterborne diseases among adults as well as kids alike.

PCRWR is conducting a country wide study of water supply schemes under Provision of Safe Drinking Water project. The project, launched in 2006, is now nearing completion that is billed as the most detailed and comprehensive survey of its nature in Asia.

The outcome of the survey conducted in the Chakwal district, has revealed that these schemes are providing piped water supply to an enumerated population of 1.125 million persons on 202 surveyed water supply schemes.

It was found that 126 schemes were functional, whereas 76 were noncfunctional for one reason or the other.

As a result, nearly 55 percent of the total enumerated population remains unserved by the water supply schemes. Talking to media ,Chairman PCRWR Dr.Muhammad Aslam Tahir said lack of proper management, operation and maintenance of the water supply systems is one of the critical issues of the water supply schemes.

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