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Citizens demand stern action against formula milk companies

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - Islamabad—Citizens have demanded the concerned authorities to take notice of illegal practice of formula milk companies to attract the mothers by using wrong tactics.

According to a survey they said, these companies are trying to attract the mothers despite the fact that mothermilk is medically essential for infants in their early age.

They complained that these formula milk companies are misleading the mothers through promotional nature of logos, pictures and messages besides advertisement presenting their products as mother-milk substitutes for infants.

Dr. Waseem Khawaja from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) said it is a high time to educate people that breastmilk protects babies as it is a living substance containing antibodies and other protective factors.

He said low levels of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids found in formula milk may contribute to lower mental level and vision skills in infants.—APP
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